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Viral Fundraising

Activating your user base by leveraging our “gaming” platform encouraging participants to engage on social media scale your message then pushing donors to our state of the art donor platform creating viral outcomes.

Discount Card Fundraising

We do all the heavy lifting: Our team will create a discount card, working in conjunction with local vendors to build a $20 discount card (see example below) that you will receive and activate your team or members to sell door to door and siamotainously we will leverage our Viral Fundraising to help share the opportunity creating meaningful results.

“Always On” fundraising

Always On is our claim to fame going the extra mile to leverage proprietary technology to help you raise funds during your campaign and beyond... many customers will see years of ongoing results making the most out of every campaign.

Discount Card Fundraising

Our team will use your cause or team logo and create a custom $20.00 discount card to help you meet your fundraising goals.

Customized Card with your logo and cause to increase awareness.

Highly relevant discount card to your geographical area to increase support and success of your fundraiser.

Viral Cards fulfilled by us from our distribution to make it easy to expand your campaign.

Easy to sell and fulfill!

Whats Inside

Other than the secret sauce and magic dust which makes up the proprietary technology here are some if the cool features that help fundraisers see success a lifetime of success.

Unlimited Participants

Your organization can involve as many participants as it would like to help share your story!

Quick Start

Your campaign can be live in under 24 hours leveraging our Viral & Social technology. (Discount Cards take a few weeks to prepare and print so plan ahead.)

Weekly Payouts

Our stream-lined processes and technology help you create viral campaigns and effective programs to meet or exceed your goals!!

Social Gaming

Our gaming engine is designed to motivate participants to make the extra effort, this combined often with a PRIZE accelerate speed and volume if activity by 57%


Our programs are customized by industry leaders to help you meet your goals!

Easy to Use

Any of our programs can be used stand alone or in conjunction with one another providing potentially "hands free” fundraising!!

Always On Fundraising leverages its partner company Incline Media’s proprietary technology to create ongoing organic and social traffic to your cause with unlimited potential and reach.

Your fundraising keeps working if you don't!!!

Watch Always On Technology

Below is a real life use study of the always on concept expanding the non-profits reach beyond traditional fundraising thanks to the proprietary technology.

Fundraisers in Action

We work with some of the best in the business and are happy to support world changing causes and organizations.


Client Testimonials

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We have partnered with Full Impact for the past 6 years. We have increased the funds we raise for our athletic programs significantly with Full Impact. Full Impact does a great job going out into our community and getting quality business to participate in our card which makes it very easy to sell. The process is very organized and easy to manage. We highly recommend Full Impact to anyone who is looking to raise funds for your organizations!

Steve Williams

Athletic Director – Allen ISD

I am pleased to be working with Bill McKown and Full Impact Fundraising for our fundraising needs. They are very professional, helpful, and courteous to our vendors and student/athletes. We continue to see great returns for our efforts.

Greg Owens

Athletic Director – Sulphur Springs

Working with Full Impact has been the easiest and least stressful fundraising experiences in my 20 years of coaching. Full Impact did a great job, got great businesses on my card and never pressured us at all. We made more than enough money and are excited about working with Full Impact again next year. They are first class and take care of the coaches and athletes!

Chris Melson

Head Football Coach – Mansfield Legacy Broncos

We have used Full Impact fundraising the past 6 years and they have done an outstanding job helping us raise money for our program. The staff are very professional and truly build relationships with the programs they work with. The fundraiser itself is well organized, professionally produced and they take the extra step to seek out community involvement and support. I would highly recommend Full Impact to any school looking to raise money.

Mikeal Miller

Head Football Coach/Athletic Director – Van Alstyne ISD

Full Impact makes it so easy to run a fundraiser. They are constantly in communication with you and will do anything to make the fundraiser successful. They make it a team effort to assure your program makes money.

Kody Hergert

Utley Middle School – AP

Bill McKown and the Full Impact team know how to work with people and know how to get results! Full Impact took over an already successful district wide Discount Card program for the Mesquite ISD Education Foundation and in one campaign increased total revenue by approximately 35%. This was accomplished by improving the quality of the product and prizes and by working very hard to ensure that our campuses had great support throughout and after the campaign ended. In Bill you will find a partner with integrity and passion to help your program succeed, as well as a rational strategist who is well connected in the fundraising and education community. I highly recommend Full Impact Fundraising as the right partner to help your organization meet its fundraising goals.

Randy Lewallyn

Executive Director - Mesquite ISD Education Foundation

What sets Full Impact apart from other fundraising companies is their personalized customer service. The discount card our athletes have sold the past three years was created specifically for our community by focusing on local businesses which we believed would increase sales. Now, we actually have people asking when the cards will be sold again! While it would be easier for a fundraising company to simply equip us with a generic card, I have no doubt that the extra time Bill McKown and his staff put in has resulted in a much more successful fundraiser for our kids.

Bryan Oneal

Head Football Coach/ AD – Community ISD

I have been extremely pleased with Full Impact fundraising. It has been a pleasure to work with Mike Noack and the Full Impact staff as they go the extra mile to make sure that your school will be successful. Full Impact makes fundraising easy and efficient with our kids, coaching staff and parents. If I was looking for a company to help my program raise money, Full Impact is where I would start.

Jeff Smith

Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator – McKinney High School

Fun Facts is part of a tech ecosystem created over the last 20 years that has seen some crazy success!! We are a group of geeks, creatives and entrepreneurs hyper focused on changing the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pay weekly cleared funds daily directly into your account for instant access! The money from the cards you sell will be collected and waiting to clear for 30 dayes to ensure no chargebacks and then WEEKLY DEPOSITS will start less the expenses. NO UPFRONT FEE!! Just share your logo and activate your supporters, we do the rest!!!

We can have the digital/social/viral portion of the account live with-in 24 hours of approval.
We pay digital cleared funds weekly directly into your account for instant access! The cards you sell & collect you pay at the end of the the of the campaign leas the printing and shipping that is pre-paid for at the start.
You will receive weekly deposits for as long as the account is active and in good standing.

Our Team

Meet the awesome team.


Danny Davis


Danny has 30+ years in the non-profit space, and thrives in a creative environment. With years of experience managing huge teams of hundreds of creatives, he is responsible for all creative efforts, both visual and otherwise.

Suzanne Davis


An accomplished writer and a published songwriter, Suzanne is an expert at big-picture strategic development. Being a maximizer who has the gift of empathy, she is the “glue” that holds our organization together, and is officially the best singer on our staff.

Kim Cline


Kim handles all the financials, payroll, and travel for multiple companies, including our parent company Incline, SideStream, Siimpler, several insurance companies, and Cuurio. She is married to Jeff, and is proud of her 3 daughters, one son, and a beautiful granddaughter.

Emmy Rogers

Social Media

A 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a master in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Emmy has also built multiple social media followings into the tens of thousands. She handles the social accounts for several companies, and is our unofficial bodyguard.

Jake Davis


Jake handles outreach for several companies, both non-profit and for-profit, and is an accomplished musician. He plays drums professionally and is a songwriter with several recording projects under his belt and in the works.

Collin Glaess


Collin is our resident digital advertising expert, adept in navigating multiple online advertising platforms. He is very recently married and not hating his life at all.

Devon Hayworth


Devon is a master at translating programming-ese to normal speak, and vice versa. He handles much of our day-to-day programming, and is invaluable in both back end and front end development.

Jacob Sears


Jacob is our premier front-end programmer. With an artistic eye alongside his advanced programming skills, he makes our online presences look stunning while continuing to operate with excellence and efficiency.

Josh Rogers


Josh is an accomplished videographer and editor, and handles everything video for Cuurio and several other companies. He is also a former professional soccer player, and is an expert at reaching stuff on high shelves.

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School fundraisers that make the most money and take the least effort?

School fundraisers that make the most money and take the least effort? Most Schools have Approximately 17 groups that do fund raising your around, and most of those groups do 2 to 3 fundraisers a year. Our always on technology helps groups leverage Game of vacation and organic reach to not only grow donors and […]

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