Fundraising for the Greek system has now changed forever thanks to social media, big data, gamification and artificial intelligence brought to you by
Our technology enables your supporters to not only share your cars but to build membership and donor base at the same time activating alumni leveraging social media to compound your overall success.
Built on top of the always on technology that puts you in front of and gives you access to over 10 billion opportunities it’s no wonder the Greek system is quickly adopting this new technology!
Any of the fundraisers that worked in the past can probably be digitized in such a way to give you the multiplying affect thanks to technology and drive long lasting long-term successful programs making your fundraising activities more systematic year after year.
Give us a call to find out how we can buy the custom program that meets your needs and crates long lasting impact!
Have a great day. Jeff Cline c)972.800.6670


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