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Why we are one of the Fastest Growing Virtual Franchises opportunities!

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Better Quality of Life
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Your Super Hero Status Awaits!

The world has changed and we live in the time of Zappos, Facebook and Amazon. It was only natural evolution that the fundraising industry would leverage technology to super-charge fundraisers and increase profitability and you will be the hero in the center!


Including competition, Dashboards, Tracking metrics and challenges has driven a 67% increase in engagements.

Artificial Intelligence

In todays digital world, AI provides opportunities in the fundraising industry to not only increase membership reach but fine tune high intent targets.

Big Data

Leveraging big-data in a way that activates supporters and incentives participants not only to give but share increases “Seed List” value.

Social Media

Our proprietary Social Media Tracking and Engagement backend increases outcomes while decreasing effort making it the perfect tool in this very busy world..

What our Partners have to say

Enjoy the benefits of technology and demand combined to create profit.

10 Year Fundraising Professional – Bill M. has changed the entire game! I have never been so excited about the opportunities and limitless potential!

Example Fundraisers

These are examples of potential fundraisers you can do based on “Actual” Fundraisers by others in the organization. Remember milage may vary, but the opportunities are unlimited.

“Top Provider breaks 175 Fundraisers in 1 year”


“Always On”

  • Social Media
  • Donation Form Only
  • 1000 Seed
  • Excepteur sint occi
  • Minima veniam
  • Exercitationem ull
High School Football

“Spring Program”

  • $20.00 Discount Card
  • Multi-Team
  • Prizes
  • Gamification
  • Optional Donation
  • Exercitationem ull

“Campaign Season”

  • Large Seed List
  • Agressive Messaging
  • National Campaign
  • Social Media Donation
  • Frequent Re-Invites
  • Added Outreach

We are a tech company focused on scalability and profitability of our customer partners.

“Technology is a geeks playground”

Primarily at our core we are a team of geeks set to change the world, and disrupt the fundraising industry in a way that cause a ripple of change for global good. We are desperate for like-minded partners with complementary skill-sets to come along side us and create a winning longterm relationship.

We believe in #ARTLAB:

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

If you want to be a part of something special, please let us know by taking the first step. Raise your hand, let us know your intrested! 

Opportunity – f.a.q.

What are the Exclusivity options for partners?

EXCLUSIVITY & GROWTH are important to our relationship. Once you are assigned your territory you will be the only partner that gets the business development leads in your area from our national advertising as long as you are in good standing.

What is the upfront cost?

UNDER $25,000: Our goal is to provide value and create wining longterm relationships. You will work with our business development team to create a package that is right for you and your area. Expenses may vary on location and sector, but 90% of our partners able to launch below  $25k and start seeing return in the first 30-90 days. The system pays all parties every week using our “CASHLESS” technology making it a very secure and pilfer proof.

What does it take to lock down more markets??

Everyone knows location, location, location but we also have to balance that with key business metrics. You are able to “Lock In” 2 territories adjacent to your MASTER TERRITORY and keep the privilege as long as you stay in good standing and meet the $250,000 annual minimum  

How does this opportunity stack up?

National Sandwich Chain

Less Risk, 85% Less Capitol Upfront, More Flexible Schedule

Service / Green Opportunities

No Stock, Inventory, Service Equipment, Weekends or Expensive Long-Term Leases.

LStore front

No Build out, No Real Estate purchase or 5-10 year rental agreement, not based on NET WORTH or CREDIT!


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