We are very excited to work with our fundraisers to bring an additional fundraising stream by offering sponsored opportunities to local businesses who are willing to not only service the community but provide financial support to the Fundraiser’s that are important to them.
How does it work? Let’s say your local high school needs to raise funds for sports equipment and a local parent is the town insurance agent who is willing to contribute for every “offered through the system so at checkout you will be offered the opportunity to talk with that local insurance agent, and that insurance agent agrees to pay a fee into the system that helps support your organization.
What types of insurance agents work with Fundraiser.biz?
Retirement Insurance
With the children now out of the house, financial priorities become more focused on preparing for retirement. At this stage, you may very likely be at the height of your earning power and fast approaching peak savings as you lay the groundwork for retirement. During this final leg to retirement—and throughout your retirement period—wealth protection is critical.
The preservation of your assets will not be solely a function of your investment strategy, but will include a comprehensive insurance approach to protect you against an array of financial risks, most especially health care.
In addition to wealth protection, you may also now be seriously contemplating a number of important estate and legacy objectives.
Home Insurance Even though your mortgage may be paid off—thus releasing you from the lender’s requirement to have homeowners insurance—it remains important to consider coverage against property loss and exposure to personal liability. Now is an ideal time to review your policy as the cost of replacing your home and the belongings contained therein may have grown over the years.
Also, consider an umbrella policy, which is designed to help protect against the financial risk of personal liability.
Medicare Supplemental Insurance There are several key health insurance issues facing empty nesters and retirees.
If you retire prior to age 65 when Medicare coverage is set to begin, you will need coverage to bridge the gap between when you retire and when you turn 65. If your spouse continues to work, you may want to consider getting yourself added to his or her plan, though you may need to wait until the employer’s annual enrollment period.
Alternatively, you also may purchase coverage through a private insurer or through HealthCare.gov (or your state’s program).
Prescription Drug Coverage
Once you enroll in Medicare, you should consider purchasing Part D of Medicare, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, which can help you save money on prescriptions.
Medigap Plans
Additionally, you may want to consider other Medigap insurance, which is designed to pay for medical care not covered by Medicare. Medigap plans are bought through private insurance companies and best purchased within the first six months of turning age 65 since no health exam is required during this period.
Disability Insurance This coverage may continue until you retire. When you stop working, you should consider canceling your disability insurance as the need for it has expired.¹
Life Insurance The financial obligations that drove your life insurance needs while you were raising a family may have evaporated. However, you may find new needs arising from estate issues, such as liquidity, creating a legacy, etc.²
Extended Care Insurance For some, extended care insurance is a priority in this stage of life. With the expense of children in the rearview mirror, you can now turn your focus to buying protection against potentially the most significant health-care expense you are likely to face in retirement.
Designed to pay for chronic, long-lasting illnesses and regular care, whether in-home or at a nursing home, extended care insurance coverage is critically important since most of these costs are not covered by Medicare.
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