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Thanks for your interest!

We are excited you have interest in our new technology and opportunity to be apart of something that can disrupt the entire Fundraising industry.

We are a “Fully Proven” Tech Start-up looking for Smart / Self-motivated team members to help us grow!

What makes this opportunity special?

  • Our technology uses Gamification / AI and Social Media to increase fundraising efforts.
  • We can deploy a fundraiser in under 24 hours if needed.
  • We offer Full Service Fundraising & Self-Service depending on the need of the client
  • We have seen 67% increase in success with Gamification

Over 3.1 Million fundraisers happen every year in the US alone, making it one of the largest industries on the planet.

Type of Fundraisers Supported

Political CampaignsPublicArts
PhilanthropicTravel TeamsAnimal shelters
CausesNGO’s and more….

You may know or have been a part of a fundraiser that has been canceled and are Looking for a solution or are now looking for a part-time opportunity to earn residual income.

How a Consultant Makes Money?

This is probably your #1 question, now that you see the opportunity is huge.

We pay a 50% commission on the set-up and program fee a fundraiser is charged. Since we customize every program we charge a set-up fee, and then an additional seed fee which is charged at .o5 cents per member who is seeded into the platform. So if the group has 100k members the seed fee is $5000.00 and the set up is $500.00 giving you a commission of $2750.00

$2750.00 Commission

Commission is residual, so if the organization does 1-2 fundraisers a year, you will get a commission each time they pay there “Set-up” fee and “Seed List” fees.

How does it work?

You can either use your own connections or we can provide you leads to call on to help you grow your local market.
You log into your back office and create a personalized enrollment for the customer that allows them to get started with the set-up.
All you do is connect us to the opportunity and you get paid!We do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best..go find another opportunity
Our on boarding team will do all the programming, creative, management, outreach,meetings, customer service and accounting will be managed by our internal teams!

Most organizations do 1-2 fundraisers a year”
“Schools have on average 17 organizations that do 2 fundraises a year”

How do I know this opportunity is right for me?

You probably won’t until you try and that is why we have our “FAST START” program. Most people have either been part of a fundraiser or have some sort of experience with fundraising, so the concept is pretty simple. Your success will be based on your ability and effort. So if your willing and motivated we will give you a chance. NO COST TO YOU! All you have to do is be ready try and that is all we can ask!

If you’re ready to take the next step or just want to see what the back-end looks like click the “JOIN THE TEAM” link below! Its pretty simple Join & Share.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When do we get paid?

We pay on the 1st and 15th after the campaign has funded 7 business days prior. If the payroll is on a weekend day it will be released the following Monday. (As long as it is not a holiday)

Can you do fundraisers outside of the United States?

During our ramp-up time we are only working with US-based clients but are working toward a global solution by early next year!

Advancement Opportunities?

We have positions for leaders.
Regional Managers manage a team of consultants and work with the executive team to roll out new strategies and coordinate bonus programs.
VP Of Sales is an executive position for a season leader who has managed multi million dollar sales organizations and will report directly to the CEO and Board.

Incentives & Bonuses

We will offer Incentives and bonus as part of our ongoing compensation programs, as the company grows and the team meets its objectives. We will be very happy to provide additional incentives as we become successful.



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