Golf tournaments and competition or a great way to raise funds for your nonprofit or for your cars and leveraging social media and our gaming engine is a great way to activate a national participant base and keep the competition alive.
Step one create an account and set a goal
Step to activate all the members and as they share with social media the more participants they get the better their score is.
At the end of the competition there will be prizes for the longest drive which is actually the largest single donor
Closest to the hole which is the one who raised the closest amount Set by the fundraiser manager
Hole-in-one will go to the player that got exactly the right amount based on what the participant manager sets
Longest drive will be the person who raised the most money in regards to how many donors they were actually able to get not including the largest donation… So this is actually the most amount of participants one single player was able to activate
If you’d like to figure out how to set up a digital golf tournament give us a call! Have a great day. Jeff Cline c)972.800.6670


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