Covid 19 (Corona Virus Patients) are looking for patients who have recovered after having COVID-19 to donate their blood plasma. These patients have built high levels of antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19. These antibodies helped them heal from COVID-19 and now could also help other people get better too.
Who may donate COVID-19 convalescent plasma Donating plasma is safe and done all the time. Donating to help people get better from COVID-19 is also safe. To be able to donate plasma to help COVID-19 patients get better, the FDA tells us a few things must be true about you. You must have: had a lab test by a nasal swab that told us you had COVID-19 OR you must have a test that tells us if you have the antibodies for COVID-19 been better for at least 28 days before you donate OR been better for 14 days before you donate as well as a negative nasal swab for COVID-19 or a blood test If you’re interested in being part of the Covid coronavirus retrospective and prospect of research study or would like to donate give us a call!
Have a great day. Jeff Cline c)972.800.6670


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