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We are very excited to work with our fundraisers to bring an additional fundraising stream by […]
Golf tournaments and competition or a great way to raise funds for your nonprofit or for […]
Drill teams have a huge advantage on most organizations because of their size and the support […]
Attention development directors we are looking to expand our technology platform and would love your input […]
Doing a rubber duck race fundraiser is a lot of work and in the digital age […]
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School fundraisers that make the most money and take the least effort? Most Schools have Approximately […]
School fundraisers that make the most money and take the least effort? Most Schools have Approximately […]
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Fundraising for the Greek system has now changed forever thanks to social media, big data, gamification […]
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Out of all the fundraisers, the cookie dough fundraiser seems to be one that everybody is […]
Always on fundraising is a built-in part of our technology. We keep fundraising even after you […]
Found in the great state of Texas there’s probably no bigger tradition than Friday night lights […]
Many churches need a way to communicate with their congregation and provide weekly services but still […]
Covid 19 (Corona Virus Patients) are looking for patients who have recovered after having COVID-19 to […]
Many animal shelters need not only funds to help their shelter stay in operation but they […]
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Depending on the fundraiser came up Acacian for football teams and Mark and Pettit of event […]
Many schools are turning to social media to help with their fundraising efforts, and leveraging the […]
Many people are stuck at home, no better time to actually support your favorite cause. Take […]
We have had great success with our “Local Discount Card” campaigns, but many times customers are […]
(“ “, “we” or “us”) understands that security and privacy are important issues for users of […]